Lowest Price Guarantee

Lagardère Travel Retail Belgium guarantees the best prices available in Belgium.

You are sure to buy perfumes, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, ready-to-wear items, accessories, chocolates from prestigious Belgian brands, and other products at an unbeatable price. Only cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol and the goods that are intended for immediate consumption from the category “Food on the Go” (e.g.: bottle of water or soda, salads, sandwiches, wraps, …) are excluded from the action.

Lowest price guarantee


When shopping in our Duty Free stores, you can rest assured, you are shopping at the country’s best price with our Lowest Price Guarantee. We are convinced that you will not find cheaper anywhere else!
Lagardère Travel Retail spares no effort to make sure we offer the lowest price in Belgium.

If you find, within 15 days after your purchase, the exact same product (promotions excluded), in the same format, at a lower price than the one you paid at our stores, somewhere else in a brick and mortar shop which is open to the public, minimum 5 days a week and located in Belgium, we will refund the difference TWICE!

The customer will be reimbursed only once for the same product per calendar year.

Are  considered as a promotion and are therefore excluded from this action, all the products found in another shop:
promoted, under a discount or cheaper due to a customer loyalty discount;
sales on clothing and accessories;
that are on stock sales or products from a retailer who filed for bankruptcy;
that only cater to professional customers;
under a promotion only valid for a limited number of customers or for which customers must have gathered stamps;
that are sold in second hand;
• outside of Belgium;
e-commerce offers being in its entirety excluded from this action; and
• customers not having a valid boarding pass

Despite our efforts you still found:

  • the same item in another brick and mortar store in Belgium which is open to the public, minimum 5 days a week (promotions excluded), with an even better price, within 15 days? We will be happy to refund the difference TWICE. That is our price guarantee!