Join us

With a presence in 35 countries on 5 continents, Lagardère Travel Retail welcomes a vast diversity of backgrounds, points of view and experiences in every location.

Cultural diversity

Adapting to local cultures, to consumer diversity and to a multiplicity of activities is a key element of our success

Diversity in teams is not only an opportunity to attract new talents to Lagardère Travel Retail, but also an axis of growth and an innovation lever.

As a result, working with Lagardère Travel Retail will provide you with a rich experience in both the human and professional sense, allowing you to interact with a vast range of diverse teams, customers and business partners in an international environment.

Strong values

Our company was founded on strong core values – Team spirit, Enthusiasm, Ethics, Innovation, Agility and Excellence

We place tremendous emphasis on nurturing relationships and loyalty not only among employees, but also with our business partners and the communities we serve.

Professional possibilities

From our corporate offices to the sales floor, our diverse, fast-paced, and results-focused teams create environments that strive to provide first-class customer experiences

We strive to give back to our team members through challenging career opportunities, training and development and recognition for their commitment.

We are committed to providing our teams with a strong feeling of well-being at work.


We are always looking to improve our employees’ business and managerial skills so that they are able to adapt to changing customer expectations and behaviors

We offer ISO 9001-certified training by Bureau Veritas for our duty-free and fashion sales teams, and by AFAQ for our travel essentials and food service managers, to ensure a common standard throughout our networks.

The Lagardère Travel Retail Academy aims to develop the skills of the group's senior managers and high-potential staff, gathering participants from across Europe, North America and Asia. Inspired by learning expeditions, the program combines academic training delivered by internationally renowned experts and discoveries in the field.