October 29th, 2019

Idôle by Lancôme: The fragrance of confidence and contemporary femininity

Lancôme dedicates Idôle to a new generation of women. Women who question the status quo, break free from tradition and re-define the meaning of success. The new fragrance celebrates women and wants to accompany them on their path to happiness.

Idôle is more than just a name, it is a rallying cry

The name resonates, now more than ever, with a unique strength. It is an invitation to believe in yourself, to surpass yourself and to forge your own path. Every woman is an idol. The five-letter word captures all the values of the new generation of women, women who are changing the world without sacrificing their femininity. Idôle crystallizes a new vision of success: one that rallies rather than separates, one that inspires others to succeed as well. It is all about transcending the limits of the individual to influence the collective power of the community.

A symbol of boldness and determination

Clear and simply outlined with a golden frame, the Idôle bottle does not call for long speeches. It is a blank page that remains to be written. It is a promise of infinite possibilities. At just fifteen millimeters thick, the bottle might be the slimmest in the world. Its finesse emphasizes its rigorously geometric structure and ideal proportions. Filled with a liquid subtly tinted with a warm, joyful pink, the perfectly timeless Idôle bottle evokes a filter through which to view the world and asserts itself as an object impervious to fleeting trends. Staying true to the values of the contemporary woman, the bottle is available in several refillable formats to reduce environmental impact.

“Clean”, a fragrance field of refreshing purity.

Like an untouched territory harboring infinite promises and possibilities, “clean” is the fragrance translation of a white page on which each woman is free to write her own story.

Looking for a “clean” accord that would break with tradition, Lancôme turned to the rose. Both verdant and tender, fresh and voluptuous, an accord that, ever since it was chosen as the first symbol for the brand, has always been close to its hart. To create a note consistent with the flower, two essences, an absolute and a rose water, came together to form the heart of the formula. Lightly enhanced with a touch of jasmine, this kaleidoscope of roses radiates a sparkling floral light. In the background, a trace of patchouli and an assembly of white musk compose a white chypre base.


With a scent that is both delicate and high-impact, both comfortable and powerful, Idôle reflects contemporary femininity and celebrates female power. It embodies the ideals of a new world. The impossible is just a possibility waiting to be accomplished.

Lancôme dedicates Idôle to the woman who seizes her own life with decisiveness and power, to the woman who refuses to compromise and stays true to herself, to the woman who lives her life absolutely.

To all the women who create the world of tomorrow.