August 08th, 2019

GauGin: An artisan Belgian gin with Spanish roots

In 2015, Paul Van den Heuvel started experimenting with honey, fruit and spices on a unique estate in Andalusia. GauGin was created in two flavours: GauGin I, and orange flavoured, GauGin II, lemon flavoured and later GauGin Classic was added to the range.

Juniper, wild thyme, lavender, wild rosemary and wild sage are of great importance in the production of the gins, besides orange and lemon. In total, twenty-seven carefully selected sun-ripened fruits and high-quality herbs grant GauGin its particularly delicious taste and unique character.

An exclusive gin with the very best from nature

GauGin is distilled in small batches in a small craft distillery. The gin is made the traditional way, using organic products, and the beautiful estate is situated right in the middle of an ecologically valuable area.

Unsurprisingly, GauGin’s slogan is: Loved by nature, enjoyed by you! Taking all these factors into consideration, the fresh, Mediterranean gin can definitely be considered a top product.

A world class GauGIN

In 2017, the blog Gin Ur Way awarded GauGin II the title Best Belgian Gin. GauGin I was placed fourth. A great start, especially since some established brands could nowhere near match GauGin’s rating.


Gin o’clock? GauGin takes cocktails to a higher level


Because of the excellent taste and quality of GauGin, the classic Gin and Tonic doesn’t need flavoured tonic. A top gin does not require the extras of a lemonade.

The Negroni consists of GauGin ICampari and Vermouth Carpano Antica Formula dal 1786. What you need is a cold glass, ice-cubes, and three centilitres of Campari, GauGin I and Vermouth Antica Formula dal 1786. Finish off with a beautiful zest of lemon and a slice of orange.

GauGin is the perfect gift for gin lovers. The products are available in the walkthrough stores in terminal A and terminal B at Brussels Airport.