July 30th, 2019

Delicious and healthy: Balance chocolate

Balance unites delicious enjoyment and healthy living by creating heavenly guilt-free chocolate. Balance is clearly more than just a chocolate brand. The products, created with your body’s needs in mind, contain more fibre, more taste and extra cocoa.

Balance states that it’s not the sugar that makes chocolate delicious, it’s using great ingredients that makes the difference. You can really taste the brand’s love for chocolate!

Over the past twenty years, Balance has grown a lot and is constantly innovating with new flavours and combinations. The products are already being sold in over forty countries, so the future definitely looks chocolatey!

100% love for chocolate

100% Chocolate Love is an extension of the Balance range without sugar or sweeteners. Instead, the chocolate is sweetened with chicory root fibres, which makes for a unique taste. A lot healthier than the average chocolate bar containing approximately 40% sugar and at least just as tasty, if not tastier!

The dietary fibre contributes to a balanced and active intestinal flora, blood sugar levels remain more stable compared to regular chocolate, and the number of calories is lower. The 100% Chocolate Love range is suitable for diabetics, but is definitely also an added value for the standard consumer.

The trendy packaged products currently consist of four flavours: milk chocolate, pistachio, walnut and almond chocolate, dark chocolate, and dark chocolate and orange.


Chocolate and protein in one delicious, surprising product

The Balance protein bars consist of 20% whey protein and are sweetened with a combination of stevia (<1%) and maltitol (<10%). Both sweeteners are completely natural. This ensures that the bars, compared to conventional ones often containing more than 40% sugar, taste deliciously sweet and yet contain fewer calories.

Whey protein helps muscle recovery and ensures faster muscle building. The ideal snack for people with an active lifestyle! The currently available flavours are pure chocolate, pure chocolate and banana, and pure chocolate and blueberries.


The delicious Balance products are available at Brussels Airport in the Walkthrough terminals A and B. Don’t forget to drop by during your next visit!