October 01st, 2019

100% Belgian: Discover the delicious combination of abbey beer and cheese

Belgium and beer belong together. Abbey beer is traditionally brewed by monks and our country has several well-known abbeys as well as many local specialty beers. Over time, the beer and cheese industry has grown and flourished. To this day, beers and cheeses are still one of Belgium’s most important export products.

The tasty goods are often enjoyed separately, but combining them really makes for an extra intense experience.

The ideal taste-process

You get the most out of the experience by carefully taking a sip of beer, after which you try a piece of cheese without crust and a piece with crust. Finally, you take another sip of beer. Make sure to pay attention to the different tastes and how they enhance each other. 

Our favorite Chimay products


The refreshing, yet spicy aromas of Chimay D’Orée provide the ultimate pampering moment for beer lovers. Until recently, the beer, brewed in the Scourmont abbey, was only available to the monastery community, guests and staff. Luckily, today it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tip:  Combine the Chimay Gold with the Poteaupré cheese and enjoy!

Chimay Première, Chimay’s oldest beer, is an authentic Trappist beer. The beer has a soft, fruity taste which makes it a particularly tasty dark ale. It is brewed in a Trappist monastery under the supervision of the monastic community, which is involved in the entire exploitation process.

Tip: Chimay Red matches perfectly with the Grand Chimay cheese. 

The Grand Chimay is soft and creamy and has a mild taste. The authentic Trappist cheese is made from fresh milk and is produced according to traditional methods.

Tip: A Grand Chimay cheese wheel and a few bottles a Chimay Blue will make beer lovers very happy!

The fruity taste of the authentic Trappist cheese A la Chimay Rouge is enhanced by a little bitterness. The cheese is soft and creamy and has an ocher-colored crust

Tip: The flavors of A la Chimay Rouge go perfectly with the flavors of Chimay Red.


Other delicious products offered in our Belgian Abbeys Beer & Cheese assortment are the Grimbergen discovery pack, Grimbergen 950 grams, Rochefort Trappist, Rochefort Traditionnel 350 grams and Rochefort Trappist 350 grams.

Enjoy one of the delicious combinations during a cozy autumn evening or organize a fun get-together with friends. Have a tasty time! The products are available in our Walkthrough stores terminal A & B and the Gourmet store.